It’s an interesting time to be involved in digital payments. Companies want to advance their in-house financial practices, and many of them are creating ambitious plans to become payment facilitators for themselves and other client companies. Why is that?


Here are some of the benefits of having a financial payment platform that can facilitate all of the transactions the business needs to accomplish on a regular basis. The world of digital finance is changing fast! Don’t be left behind. 


Own More of the Customer’s Experience


When you have your own payment facilitation portal, that user experience takes place inside of your own walled garden, not out somewhere else on the web. Primitive designs often use PayPal as the payment facilitator, but that requires bouncing back and forth from PayPal to the in-house site. Over time, companies have evolved how they address this type of payment facilitation technology, so that they don’t have to rely on the big payment companies in the ways that they used to. Generally speaking, web designers want to keep people on their own site, not put them through a revolving door. 


Incidental Branding and Thought Leadership


Going along with the above point, as users are making transactions on your payment facilitation platform, they continue to see your company’s brand. This does two things – first, it keeps your brand in front of a greater set of eyeballs. Secondly, though, it helps develop the business reputation. Think about it from the user’s perspective – they see that the company can facilitate payments in-house, and they think of a company with a big IT department. They think of a company with a big payroll and a big budget. They think of a company that handles major clients, and is well-positioned for growth.


You get the idea. Having an in-house payment facilitation platform, or one that is branded in-house, is a very valuable way to project power to the outside world and keep people interested in what your company is doing.


Reselling to Client Companies


Some companies are involved in payment technology in order to provide the service, in turn, to other companies.


At AmaryllisPay, we are a payment facilitator for our clients, and we offer the ability to white-label the platform, so that our clients get these above-mentioned branding boosts and more. Take a look at what we offer and let’s talk about how to position your business for success. It’s a brave new world out there – we have the tools, like unique billing features, platform options, and more, to help you to compete.