Three Most Common Cyber Security Issues Facing Enterprises Today

Cyber Security is becoming a severe threat to enterprises today, affecting small companies and large-scale global corporations alike. Today, data safety is a top priority of businesses, governments, and enterprises that use the internet to process all sorts of personal data. From credit card information to account management, Cyber Security remains a growing and constant challenge.

The challenges of Cyber Security come in many forms and continually change as hackers and systems evolve. Ransomware, malware attacks, phishing attacks, and more seem to be only increasing regardless of our attempts to stave off data breaches. Companies that put Cyber Security high on the list of priorities have a greater chance of thwarting malicious activities, reducing risk, and offering customers peace of mind.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks continue to be a primary concern among all industries globally and nationwide, making them one of the most significant cybersecurity challenges today. These types of attacks involve the hacking of a user’s data then the prevention from access to data unless a ransom is paid. Ransomware attacks are critical for businesses that, once hit, can’t access the data necessary to run daily operations. Once Ransomware attacks a company, they are open to continued extortion.

Phishing Attacks

In Phishing attacks, a user’s data is stolen through social engineering. Unlike Ransomware, a Phishing hacker uses obtained confidential data for their advantages, such as online shopping and illegal money transfer. These cyber-attacks exploit the user’s data until the user becomes aware of the breach, often times once banks and credit card companies signal an issue with personal accounts. Companies are charged with maintaining secured services for payments, account management, and other aspects where customer data is transmitted to promote consumer confidence.

Software Attacks

Software can become vulnerable to attacks, posing significant challenges to a company’s Cyber Security. With the adoption of digital devices as a primary mode of communication and commercial transaction, individuals and enterprises are increasingly and unknowingly exposed to attacks due to outdated software. Updating a device’s software is vital in maintaining data security for both corporations and consumers.

Outdated software and unpatched software versions leave the door open to cyber attacks that typically target major software programs across various platforms.

Regardless of the type of enterprise you manage, remaining current on Cyber Security issues is essential to protecting your companies data and your customers’ private information.