In this episode of MarketScale’s Software & Technology Podcast, host Tyler Kern sat down with Mark Bishopp, CEO of Amaryllis, a purpose-based platform that makes it easy for third-party payment companies to launch quickly and effectively. They discussed why third-party payment companies should expect more of a partner, and less of a vendor, with card processing solutions.


In his prior roles at Bank of America, Vantiv, and Price Waterhouse, Bishopp learned why partnering with clients first and foremost was critical to building the business relationship based on mutual experience. “I’ve often been in their shoes before,” Bishopp said. “It helped position me to see the challenges out there, whether its internal risk and compliance with the card brand themselves, to then come up with the best next step.”

Setting themselves apart, Amaryllis creates a client-specific experience and consultative knowledge for company card processing by offering complete platform solutions rather than one-off fixes, Bishopp said.

“Now it’s not just a technology solution but a value we can provide someone as a trusted advisor in the industry to say ‘Look, we’ve got your back,’” Bishopp said. “‘We’ve got enough experience and scars on our back to know what doesn’t work and bring that knowledge to each client. That differentiates ourselves from the competition which will say they have a solution in a box.”

Bishopp said Amaryllis’ open API platform uses very specific, customized modules built to the customers’ needs, which let them choose the ones that make sense for their workflow.