Merchant on boarding solutions made easy
Need a better way to facilitate customer payments?

If so, you’re living in the right age. 20 or 30 years ago, you were stuck with what was then the vanguard of financial solutions having to do with traditional credit card processing.

Now, we live in a brave new world of technology and frictionless commerce. Companies are quickly upgrading to better payment solutions that help them to customize how they deal with their buyers. 


Versatility at the Point of Sale

One simple way to understand this is to look at how you handle a point-of-sale transaction. Here, firms are innovating a lot. These are powerful changes and really improve how you work day today. Just ask merchants who have put these types of changes in place!

The traditional way is to use a PCI-linked merchant machine to process a credit card and spit out a slip of paper that the customer signs with a pen.

Just one example of point-of-sale innovation is that new merchant solutions offer more contactless approaches, like having the customer sign digitally and select options on a touchscreen.

Other kinds of POS versatility are like that, too. When you customize your payments, you’re able to change the customer experience and how you interact with your target audience every day.


Custom White Label Implementations

At AmaryllisPay, we offer payment companies the ability to pick and choose the products and solutions that work for them.

Our white label services also offer the option to brand what you use with your own internal identifying brand, for visibility and thought leadership reputation.

White label services have become all the rage these days as companies try to do more with outsourcing. We specialize in this kind of payment technology so that you don’t have to. Our clients find that to be a huge burden lifted from their shoulders and enjoy the agility that comes with these kinds of third party assistance. 

Solving Complex Payment Challenges

With seamless integration through APIs, our services help companies to do the kind of problem-solving that helps them chart a better course for the future. We have helped over 3000 merchants to innovate their payment technologies in a way that’s compliant with PCI, GDPR, and SOC. Ask us about how this can work for your business, to bring enterprise to the next level and drive conversion through modernization of POS and day to day operations. We are excited about helping many more sellers to take advantage of what’s out there today!