How to Make the Payment Process Easier For Online Consumers

The number of online purchases made by consumers increased by nearly 33% in 2020. While people around the world lingered in quarantine, they spent their free time shopping online. If you are the owner of an online store, you are probably looking for ways to capitalize on the current eCommerce gold rush. As we enter the New Year, you need to take an honest look at your existing eCommerce website.

Making sure every aspect of your domain is optimized to accommodate modern consumers is imperative. Abandoned carts are one of the main problems eCommerce business owners have. An overly-complicated payment process can tank your sales. Below are some things you should focus on when trying to make the online payment process easier for consumers.

Offer a Plethora of Payment Options

One of the main things modern consumers demand from the websites they shop on is plenty of payment options. With all of the different payment methods on the market, you will need the right platform to make checking out easier for your audience. At Amaryllis, you will be provided with an API-driven payment solution. With the help of their online payment platform, you can accept popular payment methods like PayPal and various virtual currencies.

We also provide security monitoring and alerts for our payment facilitators. Our security suite features things like fraud detection, decision making workflow and a management system for disputes. Our comprehensive payment platform will make growing your business and managing cash flow a breeze.

Don’t Require Consumers to Make An Account to Complete a Purchase

Most people use their phone for a few minutes at a time while at work. If a person finds an item on your website that they like, you want them to be able to buy it with a limited number of clicks. Websites that require a person to set up an account before having the ability to complete a purchase soon find out what a mistake this is. If a person has a limited amount of time to complete a purchase, they will abandon a cart if the payment process is lengthy and annoying.

Rather than complicating the payment process, you need to remove roadblocks like requiring customers to set up an account. Streamlining the online payment process can help you make your business more profitable over time.

Allow Customers to Easily Edit Their Carts

Making mistakes is quite common when trying to complete online purchases from a phone. If a person makes a mistake when filling their online cart, you need to provide them with the ability to fix it. This is why having a cart edit feature before asking for payment details is crucial. Doing this will make editing the cart and completing the purchase simple for your customers.

Check Out Our Payment Platform

Are you tired of abandoned carts costing you money? If so, it is time to check out the payment platform offered by Amaryllis. Our goal is to make growing your online business easy by providing state-of-the-art financing technology.