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The Amaryllis Payment Platform

Amaryllis makes it easy for third-party payment companies to rapidly launch, quickly scale, and efficiently manage complex seller-based payment models.


Flexible modular solution enables you to create a custom payment experience.


Platform easily scales as business needs evolve while ensuring data security.

Easy to Use

Intuitive APIs and workflows for developers and business users alike.

White label solution allows you to brand and control the payment experience.

Customized payment experience, built from the ground up to address unique business needs.

API-driven solution and white glove integration support enables quick integration.

Reach new markets, find new customers, and seize new opportunities.

White Label Solution

Fully Customizable

Seamless Integration

Global Growth

Invest in Growing Your Business,
Not Reinventing the Wheel

Our purpose-built platform works seamlessly with legacy systems, freeing you to focus on seizing new opportunities, not developing and integrating technology.

New Markets

New Customers

New Opportunities

“Quickly access the high growth complex model sector without huge investments in rebuilding your payments infrastructure.”

Speed Your Time to Market

Amaryllis makes launching and managing complex payments for omni-channel retail and marketplace platforms possible for any company.

Launch Quickly


Manage Risk

Automate Compliance

Partners in Your Success

Leverage Amaryllis’ expertise to maximize your success. We are committed to helping you pursue new opportunities and grow your business.

Custom Solutions

Amaryllis consultants will guide you to the features and modules your business needs.

Business Support

Amaryllis experts work with your team to help you target and pursue the most profitable opportunities.

Best Practices

We help you to embrace the fundamentals and best practices for omni-channel retail and the platform economy.