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The payments world is significantly changing and with that, the way money flows through the global digital economy is also taking a new shape. The global economy is becoming increasingly digitized and demanding, with businesses seeking new ways to move money faster and more efficiently. The complex world of payments between buyers and sellers also seeks new ways to improve the payments ecosystem. To satisfy this market demand, there is a need for an all in one solution, both scalable and flexible, to span the complete payment life cycle when servicing buyers and sellers.

The Payment Engine Pioneer

With a vision to optimize the complexity in the world of 3rd-party payments between buyers and sellers, Ori Hay founded Amaryllis in 2015.

The Amaryllis SaaS Payment Platform is not like any other mainstream payment engine. The Amaryllis Platform is a cloud-based, configurable, scalable, API-driven payment engine built specifically for the omnichannel economy servicing 3rd-party payment models. This payment engine supports Acquirers, Payment Facilitators, Marketplaces, ISOs, ISVs, VARs, and other models.

Amaryllis is always committed to helping its clients pursue new opportunities and grow their business. The Amaryllis team has over 80+ years of experience in combined payment processing and the 3rd-party payment model. This worthwhile experience allows the company to take a completely different approach than its competitors by kicking off each engagement with a whiteboard session to understand a potential client’s current business model and future business plans. This consultative approach allows Amaryllis to act as a trusted advisor in truly helping a client determine the optimal setup for their business model(s). Amaryllis also provides a white glove implementation to ensure the platform solution is always configured for their client’s unique needs.

A Partner in Success

Since Amaryllis is a SaaS Payment Platform, the company allows its clients to run their business as they see fit. The Amaryllis solution was built to support diverse business models whether a client’s business supports low, medium, or high merchant category codes (MCC). Amaryllis never allows its business relationships or risk parameters to hinder their client’s growth.

Built from the ground up with a customized and modular design, Amaryllis’ SaaS Payment Platform allows its clients to select and utilize any and all modules necessary for their current needs. The Platform has the flexibility to seamlessly configure and adapt to their client’s ever-changing business needs. This flexibility allows its clients to optimize their current technology investments and relationships.

The Amaryllis back-office dashboard provides the perfect end-to-end oversight of each sub-merchant relationship and includes complete reporting, analysis with access to all payment-related data, pricing, and probability analysis. Also, the aggregated and sub-account reporting provides rich transaction data and it can be configured based on specific verticals.

Unlike its rivals in the 3rd party payment space, Amaryllis built its solution with a focus on exceeding the strict requirements set by the Card Associations and the acquirer’s interpretation of these rules. Internal and external risk & compliance stakeholders need the insight to qualify and quantify buyer and seller risk. The Platform has a full suite of risk management tools, including a fraud detection engine, system & transaction alerts, along with full exception reporting and unlimited rights & roles definition to ensure the client’s risk team, and the acquiring relationships, have complete oversight.

The Amaryllis Platform Modules

Whether one needs a complete, end-to-end payments platform or a single functionality to round out their capabilities, Amaryllis’ interchangeable modules allow a client to implement only what they need, and nothing more.

  • Merchant Onboarding: Progressive onboarding with, minimal data, supporting fast-growth while controlling risk and compliance. Basic sub-merchant data collected initially, additional information needed as risk profiles dictate.
  • Transaction Processing: Ability to accept payments (CC, ACH, alternative payments, etc.) through a global multi-acquirer, multi-provider, multi-currency perspective.
  • Billing: Comprehensive billing engine supports the creation and management of multiple billing agreements, enable unlimited splits, and fees configurable at the Seller level. Fees can be calculated as a percent, fixed amount, or a combination of both.
  • Risk & Compliance: Internal and external risk and compliance stakeholders need the insight to qualify and quantify buyer and seller risk. All stakeholders can have complete access to our system at any time.
    In addition, the Platform has configurable alerts based on multiple parameters and are triggered by transactional and account activities. Alert notifications can be sent in any number of ways (i.e. email, SMS, API, others).
  • Reconciliation: This module provides an automated day-to-day reconciliation with support for an unlimited number of processors and banking partners. This module also provides alert monitoring for every transaction, chargeback, refund, mismatch and commission in one location.
  • Payout: The Platform was built with the vision that merchants need ultimate payout flexibility. This allows Amaryllis’ clients to create and define multiple merchant payout profiles with unlimited split and funding capabilities. Amaryllis provides the tools to manage, approve, and perform payouts and withdrawals in a controlled, role-based process. Payouts can be configured for automatic processing or manual approvals.
  • Reporting & Analytics: The robust reporting engine provides real-time aggregated and sub-merchant reporting capabilities with rich transaction data. This includes a management dashboard enabling easy access, interaction, and analysis of payment-related information.


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