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If you are considering building an international business or provide cross border services, sooner or later you will experience issues meeting the expectations of your clients from all over the world.

There are many gateways and payment service providers out there, that you may partner with to do the job. However, you will realize, that many integrations mean as many troubles, overwhelming costs and most likely poor and limited services.

It’s  always easier, cheaper and productive to turn to a singe service provider, who has everything you need.

That’s where an all-inclusive service platforms becomes critical.

Here are some of the main reasons to turn to Amaryllis rather than coupling with multiple service providers:

  1. Turn your visitors into buyers and increase your revenues

We integrate to multiple acquirers in your target region to ensure you get the best conversion rates, interchange, less declined transactions and optimal pricing.

  1. Offer you global buyers the service they expect

With Amaryllis, you are no longer limited by the choice of currency, payment method or payment type. We ensure you get the most complete payment toolbox.

  1. Single integration over multiple partners

Having Amaryllis as your solo integration point you eliminate extra integration costs, communication gaps and time to market, which, ultimately, leads to better performance and happy customers. Our integration takes weeks not months and offer after-sale technical support.

  1. All-in-one solution does the magic

At Amaryllis, we offer proprietary recurring billing, reconciliation, billing, fraud detection, payouts, reports, alerts and other services. You no longer partner with multiple providers for the features you need.  Also, Amaryllis is a modular solution you choose what functionality you want to use.

  1. We grow along with your business

With Amaryllis, you get things done your way. We provide you with a sophisticated functionality that works well both for a startup and for the enterprise solutions.

  1. Seamless integration with legacy solutions

Amaryllis functionality can be seamlessly integrated in your legacy solution in days, which means lower implementation costs.

  1. In-house Fraud Detection Service

Our proprietary and customizable Fraud Detection service allows you to keep track of all suspicious activities on all stages of payment processing.

Alerts and Notifications will let you stay on top of things and never get caught in an unexpected situation.


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