The Best of Both Worlds

All-In-One OR Pick-and-Choose
Payment Facilitation Platform

Fast Merchant Underwriting

  • Rapid merchant onboarding
  • Collect information as risk profiles dictate
  • Onboard sub-merchants via iFrame, API or Partner Portal
  • Define merchant risk based on compliance requirements


Advanced Billing & Split Fees Features

  • Split fees any number of ways

  • Configure rates on a per sub-merchant basis
  • Override fees in real-time via API
  • Create seasonal fees, MLM fees, or reserves


Controlled & Secure Payouts


  •   Define payout strategies
  • Control the timing and amount of each payout
  • Manage reserves


Risk and Compliance


  •   Full suite of risk management tools
  • Create custom rules to monitor and get alerted 24/7
  • Send notifications to merchants in real-time
  • Compose messages and inject information in real-time


Payment Acceptance Made Easy


  • Seamless API integration
  • Optimize payments to maximize your ROI
  • Enable payments with virtually any payment service
  • Multi-currency support


Reconcile Payments


  •  Daily reconciliation with payment processors
  • 360-degree view of each transaction lifecycle
  • Get notified on any exceptions in reconciliations


Reporting & Analytics

  • White Label Partner Portal
  • End-to-end dashboards and reports
  • Aggregated sub-merchant reporting


Ready to become a Payment Facilitator?