Amaryllis – The First and Only Pure Play Payment Facilitation Technology Company

As an industry leading provider of the technology stack needed to efficiently operate payment companies, we are excited about the future of our industry and our company. Executing on our strategy, we continue to pursue our role in enabling complex payment models for Financial Institutions, Payment Facilitators, enterprises, software companies, and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs).

Amaryllis developed a Payment Platform that is modular, flexible, scalable, feature-rich and with years of best practices built in.

Built from the ground up, our customized Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provides the flexibility to be in control of the merchant lifecycle, from onboarding to payout. Amaryllis Payment Platform supports all of the key payment processes required to embed payments in your business.


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“We were building this platform 10 years before anyone thought they would be fully valued” – Ori Hay, CEO & Co-Founder

The history of Amaryllis correlates with the personal story of the founders, Ori Hay and Adi Ekshtain

Ori was part of the founding team that launched a new acquiring bank in Israel in 1997. Ori was in charge of strategic alliances for the bank. In his role he was responsible for enterprise clients and the new evolving e-commerce. Ori recognized the potential of cross border transaction processing and launched his own payments service provider company in 2000. Ori asked Adi to join as the CTO and the company was the first PCI complaint service provider in Europe, implemented the first .Net based Payment Gateway application, and even won an award from Steve Balmer, then CEO of Microsoft.

Adi Ekshtain started his career in payments 20 years ago. His first job straight out of college during the .com boom was joining a small team that invented mobile payments, which was the precursor to what you know today as Apply Pay and Google Pay. He found a way to put a payments app on phones that were popular at the time: Motorola, Nokia, etc. Together with Orange Telecom, he and his team deployed a commercial solution where people could pay for the goods with their phone. From there, Adi went on to design numerous payment systems and won a number of awards, one being the best subscription billing system in the industry.

Ori and Adi started Amaryllis after noticing a pattern in the market where companies kept building the same payment system in-house over and over again. So, they decided to take all their knowledge, know-how and expertise and mold it into a technology stack that others can use so they don’t need to re-invent the Payments wheel. Amaryllis is a cloud-based platform that lets companies add advanced features and modules to embed payments, monetize payments, and become or support payment facilitators. The Amaryllis platform is most suitable for: payment companies, Enterprises, Marketplaces, or well-funded startups that want a shortcut to this market. Amaryllis services almost any industry, including eCommerce, Retail, Grocery Delivery, Ticketing, Travel, and many more industries.

Our Commitment to Community

At Amaryllis, we are committed to contributing and education in a way that brings value to our company and our customers. Becoming a vetted, official member of Forbes Technology Council helps us to achieve just that, giving us more tools and resources to build a product that helps your business grow.

Founding Team

Ori Hay


Adi Ekshtain