Software as a Service (SaaS) has been one of the fastest-growing market segments since 2019. The technology advances over the last few years has created an amazing opportunity for SaaS companies to grow their payment processing. In this article, you will find out why every SaaS company should consider becoming a Payment Facilitator (PayFac).

As a PayFac, you get to decide who you are going to do business with so you can sign up merchants very quickly and charge a fee for each transaction running through your system. If you’re not a PayFac then you are required to work with a processor and have no control over fees. Read on to find out more about the benefits of becoming a Payment Facilitator as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

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  • New Revenue Streams

As a Payment Facilitator, SaaS companies are able to offer a seamless path to electronic payment acceptance which helps grow digital payments. Becoming a PayFac requires taking on underwriting risk, in return for a larger portion of the payments stream, which can boost net revenue by 20% to 50%. You can also handle payments directly in your software, rather than using a company like Stripe, PayPal, or Square, which takes a large chunk of the payment processing fees.

  • Speed Up Merchant Onboarding

Merchant onboarding can be a time consuming process, but as a Payment Facilitator, you can speed this process up, which is very important. Today, if your platform enables payments for your merchants, you either have to send the merchant to a third party payment processor to apply for what’s called the merchant account or you’ll need to collect all that information and pass it along to the payment processor. With instant onboarding in the PayFac model, you have the power to set-up sub-merchants quickly, which makes onboarding new clients much easier. By automating this process, you won’t need to hire new staff to take on additional workload as new merchant applications arrive.

  • Increase Business Valuation

Looking to increase your business valuation? Well who isn’t! With a portfolio that is easier to analyze, businesses and investors may place a higher premium on your company’s worth compared to company’s with a customer base that is bound to a specific payment processor. As more merchants are added to your payments process and new revenue streams begin to build, there will be more opportunity for a higher business valuation.

  • Full Control of the Customer Experience 

As integrated payment processing has grown, there has been a higher demand from SaaS companies to have more control over the customer experience. When SaaS companies become Payment Facilitators, they have more flexibility when handling complicated payment models, such as underwriting and onboarding, settling disputes, disbursements, and post-processing. You also have the ability to create and manage programs specifically tailored to meet your merchant needs.

  • Flexibility in Distributing Funds to Merchants

PayFac’s have full control over the payment process and can help manage risk on the payout side. For merchants with higher risk, you can payout weekly or bi-weekly instead of next day. You can also limit the payout amount to keep some revenue until the sub-merchant satisfies all risk requirements and builds a good track record.

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Launching a new PayFac to market? Switching over from another payment service provider?

We know the challenges of launching new products to market, switching over from legacy payment systems, or transforming into a payments company. We’ve made it easier than ever before to implement your unique organizational payment requirements within a world class payment infrastructure. Here are some additional benefits we provide to more closely align our payment platform with the way you work: –  Feature customization: Our customers don’t usually fit in a box. They have unique set of requirements that differentiate them from everyone else in their market or vertical. We offer feature customization as part of our customer experience. Whether you want to process payments through a new payment network, acquiring bank, or alternative payment methods, or billing your merchants a unique type of fee, we will implement those changes to allow you to go to market quickly.

–  White-glove support:  We provide a very personal service. You will work with a dedicated account manager, and have access to both phone and email support. We provide one-on-one training and solutioning sessions, and our approach is to do-it-for-you and do-it-with-you. 
White Label Solution:  Keep your customers engaged with your brand by white labelling our solution. With Amaryllis, you can brand and control the user experience in exactly the way you want to. Your customers require their own branding? Not a problem. Be in control of what brand each customer, agent, or user see when they log-in.