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Amaryllis, a solution provider company, created Amaryllis Payment Platform, has been listed among 20 Most Promising Payment and Card Solution Providers – 2018 by CIO Magazine.

Over the past decade, digitization has fueled the unbridled growth of our world. Its impact on the financial industry is quite evident as seen by the unparalleled evolution in monetary transactions. Smartphones have become the crux of this revolution. Through mobile banking apps and digital wallets, secure transactions can be made across the world leading to a decline in the number of transactions being made through paper currency and cards. Digital payments are simpler, easy to trace, and secure which is why all players in the industry are adopting this technology.

The rapid proliferation of digital transactions makes it imperative for all organizations to setup their own payment gateways that can maintain the integrity of transactions and also have a strong security framework. To facilitate this, numerous solution providers have emerged in the market. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being used to analyze credit card transactions to enable real-time verification and fraud detection. Big Data has a wide range of applications such as consolidating payment platforms, determining credit score in real-time, understanding customers, and detecting money laundering. The next level of innovation in the payment and card solutions ecosystem will be spearheaded by blockchain technology, the most secure way of storing data.

With the growing number of options in the market, CIOReview has put together a list of top payment and card solution providers to help organizations make the right choice. This list was compiled by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board. This will help CIOs, CTOs, and CMOs make the right choice while deciding their payment partners.

Having considered the importance of cost-effective and innovative solutions, we present to you the “20 Most Promising Payment and Card Solution Providers – 2018.”

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