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Our All-In-One Payment Facilitation Platform allows you to underwrite merchants, accept Credit Card and ACH payments, split fees, send payouts, and much more.

$2 billion




60 billion




All-In-One Payment Platform

Quickly integrate with our API, Start underwriting merchants in no time, and get a fully White Labeled Partner Portal for you and your merchants, so you don’t need to build any software in house โ€“

A Payment Platform That Is Flexible, Customizable, and Designed For Growth

Amaryllis End-to-End Payment Facilitation Platform enables Enterprises, ISVs, ISOs, and SaaS companies to monetize payments their way.

White Label Solution

Keep merchants on your platform with a white label solution. Amaryllis allows you to brand and control the merchant experience which means it will be exactly the way you want to.

Fully Customizable

Our flexible modular design allows you to swap and switch features with a touch of a button, so you can spend more time growing your business. We also offer customizations and enhancements on a per customer/project request basis, which means you don’t need to hire additional IT resources.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate to our API-driven payment solution and use Amaryllis as your Gateway, or bring your own Gateway and let Amaryllis do the heavy lifting by bringing your data in.

Awards and Recognition

Ready to become a Payment Facilitator?

Customizable Solutions Specific For Your Business

Top Benefits For Becoming A Payment Facilitator

New Source Of Revenue

Payment Facilitators benefit from a new revenue stream by monetizing payments that are performed through your platform.

Streamline Merchant Onboarding

Payment Facilitators onboard merchants faster and with much less friction.

Improve Buyer Experience

Payment Facilitators offer their customers a superior buying experience by embedding payments into your product.

Increase Business Valuation

Payment Facilitators increase their business valuation by adding payments as an exponential dimension of growth.

PCI, GDPR & SOC Compliant

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