Unlock New Revenue With a Payment Facilitation Platform

Our modular Intelligent Payment Facilitation™ platform allows you to provide a best-in-class client experience – while you focus on growing your business, any place you want around the world.

$3 billion




60 billion




End-to-End Embedded Payments Solution

Quickly integrate with our API, start underwriting merchants in no time, and get a fully White Labeled Partner Portal for you and your merchants, so you don’t need to build any software in house –

A Payment Platform That Is Flexible, Customizable, and Designed For Growth

From merchant underwriting, payment acceptance, split fees, white-labeled partner portal, flexible payouts, and risk management. This means you don’t need to work with multiple vendors or invest in IT resources, so you can go to market faster than your competitors.

Go To Market Fast

Go to market in weeks, not months. Start monetizing payments before your competitors do. We guarantee you’ll be able to launch with our platform in 60 days.

Boost Sales

Start monetizing the payments that are flowing through your platform, and see a boost in revenue and business valuation as a Payment Facilitator.

Buy, Not Build

Don’t spend a fortune on bringing payment knowledge in-house, or years on building a payment platform from scratch.

Improve Buyer Experience

Payment Facilitators offer their customers a superior buying experience by embedding payments into your product.

Fixed Price. No RevShare.

Why share your revenue as a PayFac? Say no to revenue sharing and transaction fees with Amaryllis. Pay one flat monthly SaaS price only and discover what no RevShare feels like.

No Tech Team Required

Our white-label PayFac solution has decades of best practice built into it, so you can launch as a PayFac without any additional Tech or IT resources.

Increase Business Valuation

Payment Facilitators increase their business valuation by adding payments as an exponential dimension of growth.

Streamline Merchant Onboarding

Payment Facilitators onboard merchants faster and with much less friction.

Awards and Recognition

Forbes Technology Council 2022

Ready to become a Payment Facilitator?

Intelligent Payment Facilitation Platform™

PCI, GDPR, CCPA & SOC Compliant

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